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Winter Wonderland2 min read

Sep 2, 2020 2 min

Winter Wonderland2 min read

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For three whole days in August, there was snow on the ground at Oranga Kindergarten.

No, it wasn’t an unexpected weather event – the kindy children enjoyed the wintry treat thanks to Penrose-based property company, Southpark Corp Ltd. The four-metre pile of snow arrived early on a Monday morning, and was unloaded onto a clear bark area, to the delight of everyone on site. Excited children arrived well-equipped to play and explore, wearing warm gloves, boots and scarves to protect them from the chill. Kindergarten committee members were quick to lend a hand, pushing around mounds of snow to create a makeshift mountain for the children to climb and slide down.

Senior property manager for Southpark, Julie Sarten, has a granddaughter who attends the centre, and learnt they were seeking ways to raise funds for a special event. She spoke with their director, James Sax, who has had a long association with the local area, and he was happy to cover the cost for a new and fun learning experience. Julie made sure she was there on the day, and she says “It was fantastic to watch the wonder and excitement on their faces. They were busy experiencing the feeling of stomping through snow, laying down in it and getting cold hands from handling it.”

Classroom learning for the week was centered around snow and ice, and the children made their own snowflakes, experimented with melt rates, and learnt how real snowflakes form. The snow brought back memories for five year-old Zeinab Alawi, who immediately got stuck into the ice. She says “I saw snow with my grandma. The animals that live in snow, like snow, so they turn white. Crocodiles hate snow because they get too cold.”

Oranga Whanau committee chairperson, Tracey Sutherland, is grateful the kindergarten got to share the unique experience together, and she would like to thank Southpark Corp Ltd for their kindness.


(Enjoying the snow – Fa’alevao Savaiinaea, Max Littlejohn, Addi Sarten, Serisa Savaiinaea, Dakoda Ratima)