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Two become one2 min read

Sep 2, 2020 2 min

Two become one2 min read

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Club Onehunga was officially launched at the beginning of August with a large turnout of members from the Onehunga RSA and Onehunga Club.

After a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by Maungakiekie MP, Denise Lee, and a welcoming Karanga by Kaikaranga Dianne Timu-Carter, everybody went on to toast the success of the joint venture inside the newly-renovated building.

Club Onehunga is the result of the amalgamation of the RSA and Onehunga Club (formerly the Onehunga Workingman’s Club). While the new club has now been opened, the amalgamation process is still ongoing. The two presidents, Gez Ranson (RSA) and Stephen Phillips (Onehunga Club), will lead a joint management committee to oversee the transition, before winding up the old clubs.

The opening also marked the successful completion of the first stage of renovations – the redesign and refurbishment of the bar –  in the former RSA building on the corner of Princes Street and Onehunga Mall. Stage two, which is now underway, will see the construction of a new bistro next to the bar, while the final stage will be a complete overhaul of the exterior.

Gez says that despite the level 4 Covid-19 lockdown, the amalgamation and renovation was tracking on time and on budget. He added that the building had passed the earthquake assessment report and, with the exception of the roof which is already scheduled to be repaired, the building will not need any major structural alterations.

Both Gez and Stephen declared they were delighted with the turnout for the opening and agreed it boded well for the future of the new club. They also expressed their thanks to the volunteers who had contributed to the merger and the renovations. “We’ve come a long way in a short time,” says Gez.


(Denise Lee cutting the ribbon held by Gez Ranston and Stephen Phillips)