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Supporting independent living – volunteers wanted2 min read

Sep 30, 2020 2 min

Supporting independent living – volunteers wanted2 min read

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For 25 years, Spectrum Care has provided customised support for children, young people and adults with disabilities, and their whānau. Their approach has changed and evolved over the past decades, from institutional care, to group residential support and, most recently, to supported independent living.

Spectrum Care walks alongside people every step of the way, but which way is up to them. They believe that when ordinary life becomes difficult, the right support can mean all the difference. Their person-directed care focuses on each individual’s needs, and the positive outcomes are evident through the many moving testimonies from those whose lives have been improved.

Spectrum Care believes their greatest resource is their staff, and quality workforce development is vital to continue supporting people in their lives. The head office in Onehunga also offers a number of training programmes aimed at supporting people in their employment goals. These are developed into personalised and achievable My Life plans, which support people to achieve their immediate and lifelong objectives.

Service manager, Piri Rutherford, has been working to make connections in Onehunga, and looks forward to building more networks with local organisations. He welcomes members of the public to get involved, whether you’re an employer, volunteer or sponsor.

Piri says, “It would be awesome to have volunteers with great skills on board, people who have retired, and tradespeople such as plumbers. Those who have skills and life experience to offer. We would love to be more visible out in our community, so if there are any organisations or local businesses keen to get in touch, please do.”

Communications manager, Justin Walsh, is pleased with the direction they are moving in, and is excited to share Spectrum Care’s vision. “We began as Māngere Hospital, and much has changed since then. Today we focus on supporting people to make their own decisions with freedom of choice. To be happy and living independently within the community,” he says.