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School Awards1 min read

Feb 4, 2020 1 min

School Awards1 min read

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December was awards season for the local Primary and Intermediate schools, with the traditional Buchanan, Maungakiekie-One Tree Hill Rotary Club, and Fred McKeever awards, a special highlight.

Buchanan awards winners were as follows: Onehunga Primary School – Linton Janman and Ava Liggins; Te Papapa Primary School – Nive Salmalu and Yo Har Than; Royal Oak Intermediate – Hannah Hamilton-Ralph and Dylan Mamea. Maungakiekie-One Tree Hill Rotary Club’s three Memorial Scholarships are dedicated to past members, Alan Haskell, Fred McKeever, and Dennie Walls.

The Fred McKeever recipients were Ofa Leha – Oranga Primary School; Daisy Tupoufutuna – Te Papapa Primary School; Francisco Fidow – St Joseph’s Primary School; Jahmal Ryder and Olivia Fineanganofa – Onehunga Primary School; Jessica Corric – Royal Oak Intermediate; Charisma Papuni-Williams – Onehunga High School.

At Onehunga High School , Dhia Ugla received the Dennie Walls scholarship, with Theo Hayden, Finn Johnson and Esther Kolofoua, receiving the Alan Haskell scholarships from Alan’s son Grant.

Four of the schools, OHS, ROI, Onehunga Primary, and St Joseph’s, also received a cash windfall, courtesy of the 21-year completion of Fred McKeever’s bequest. All four schools have decided to use the money in ways that will reflect the spirit of Fred’s original gift. OHS and Onehunga Primary have invested the money to support other awards at their school. St Joseph’s has created a flexible gifting fund that will enable the school to support worthy students or community groups. ROI has not yet decided on the final use for their gift, but principal, Tony Coughlan, has said they are considering using it in an “equity” fund for pupils who need extra support.

The Rotary Club has also established a new fund to replace Fred’s original bequest and ensure the McKeever Scholarships will continue.

The Rotary award winners with President Elect Bruce Murdoch