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Planning for Waikaraka’s future2 min read

Jul 1, 2020 2 min

Planning for Waikaraka’s future2 min read

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Public consultation for the Waikaraka Park Reserve Management Plan (RMP) is finally underway. Having been delayed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the consultation phase finally started on 18th June. It will run for two months until 18th August.


The RMP is a guidance document, providing a policy framework for the future management of the park. It has two primary parts, the Draft Waikaraka Park Reserve Management Plan and the Draft Waikaraka Park Masterplan. establishes how the park will be managed, what activities will be allowed and how the environment will be maintained. The second part is the masterplan, which is essentially a map of possible future developments at the park.

The plan has been in development for some time, and will bring the management of all four parts of the park (Waikaraka Speedway, Waikaraka Cemetery, the sports fields and the proposed park extension) under one coherent plan.

The masterplan is more along the lines of a wish-list for the future development of buildings and amenities at the park. Council planners point out that none of the proposed developments have funding as yet, and they would all have to go through the usual formal consents process before they could be built. However their inclusion in the plan will make that process smoother.

It includes the development of the wasteland on the southern end of the park into playing fields, and the creation of a tree-lined path between the Cemetery and the new fields, which will connect the Waikaraka Cycleway to the park and Nielsen Street.

There will be provision for the Speedway to improve its facilities, including moving the pit area and improving general access, as well as a shared structure between the Speedway and playing fields. The upper part would be a grandstand for the Speedway, with indoor training facilities for football and cricket underneath.  The playing fields will have better ablutions facilities and an extended car park.

To view and submit to the RMP you can visit the Auckland Council website link Once written submissions are completed, oral submissions will be heard by the Maungakiekie Tāmaki Local Board, with the final plan expected to be adopted by the end of the year.