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Learning a new trade safely1 min read

Aug 5, 2020 < 1 min

Learning a new trade safely1 min read

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With the impact of Covid-19 many people have had to reconsider their careers and are looking at new options, such as a trade. If you are thinking about changing direction, the place to start would be at Site Safe New Zealand, which runs a wide range of safety courses from their Auckland office in Beachcroft Avenue.

Site Safe’s programmes are designed to help both people into a construction trade, as well as upskill as their careers advance. Their flagship course is the four-hour Foundation Passport, which introduces you to the basics of staying safe on a construction site.

Northern Region manager, Chris Jobson, says that if you are looking to reskill and considering a building trade, there are three things that most employers want to see: a first aid certificate, a driver’s licence and Site Safe’s Foundation Passport. He says that a lot of trades involve learning on the job, so with the Passport you can start almost immediately in a labouring role, and then learn as you work.

Once you get into a trade, Site Safe also offers more specialised training, both in classrooms and online at Courses include risk management, accident investigation and prevention, safety at heights, first aid for construction sites, safety auditing and benchmarking.

(Safety at heights trainees testing their knots are secure)