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Cornwall Park and Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill road closure update2 min read

Dec 1, 2020 2 min

Cornwall Park and Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill road closure update2 min read

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During Covid-19 Alert Levels 4 and 3, the Tūpuna Maunga Authority and Cornwall Park Trust worked together on closing both parks to vehicle traffic. However, while most of the park has opened up again, regular visitors to Cornwall Park and Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill Domain will have noticed the current road closures preventing vehicle access all the way around.

The Onehunga Community News contacted the Cornwall Park Trust and the Tūpuna Maunga Authority (TMA) for an update.

Olive Grove gates closure

Tūpuna Maunga Authority manager, Nick Turoa,  says that the closure of the park during the Covid-19 alert levels gave both the community and the Tūpuna Maunga Authority an insight into how “pedestrianising” Olive Grove could work on a permanent basis.

“A key motivation for the proposed pedestrianisation of Olive Grove was the safety issue with the current narrow footpath very close to moving traffic.  This has featured as a concern in feedback from the public since the Authority assumed management of Maungakiekie in 2014.

“Based on the trial experience and the continued positive feedback received from members of the public, the Authority made a decision to continue the closure of Olive Grove to vehicle traffic, noting that the closure also addresses pedestrian safety concerns. The closure of Olive Grove to traffic is permanent, and is supported by the Cornwall Park Trust.”

The road closure is supported by the Tūpuna Maunga Integrated Management Plan and the decision was made in the public open session of Hui 56 on 20th July 2020.

The Hui agenda and minutes can be read online at:



Extended trial of partial closure of Twin Oaks Drive/Kenneth Myers Drive


The Cornwall Park Trust is currently trialing one-way vehicle access in Twin Oaks Drive, which enables cars to exit the park via Manukau Road.


The closure of roads as a permanent measure in Cornwall Park is something that will be consider in future plans. Meanwhile, should you wish to give feedback about this, email