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Be a toa kaiwhakataka2 min read

May 4, 2022 2 min

Be a toa kaiwhakataka2 min read

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An activity programme encouraging children to get outdoors and explore their local area is proving to be a great success. The Toyota Kiwi Guardians is a Department of Conservation programme where children can connect with nature, go on self-guided adventures and earn rewards. There’s over 110 Kiwi Guardians Adventures across New Zealand, and over 15 at-home actions that children can do in their own backyard.

Although not yet officially one of the sites listed on the website, it’s an ideal initiative for Cornwall Park Trust to be part of – a 300 acre oasis in the middle of a busy city, with several different trails. Here are some of the Toyota Kiwi Guardian Actions you can complete in Cornwall Park:

  • Create your own nature journal or scrapbook by following the instructions on the Kiwi Guardian website (, and earn a Kiwi Guardians – Nature Recorder medal. Then take it to Cornwall Park, along with your favourite drawing tools or a camera.
  • As you explore the park, make a note of natural objects or animals that interest you and record your observations in the journal. Get creative with your recordings – you could write, draw, make rubbings, or take photos of them.
  • Find more information, including where to find help in identifying what you see at the Kiwi Guardian website. You could also explore the different trails available in the park, or make your own. Pop into Huia Lodge Discovery Hub to look for some help.
  • Earn your Expedition Leader – Kiwi Guardian medal by ensuring you and your friends and whānau have a safe and enjoyable expedition. Download the activity sheet from the Kiwi Guardian website and get more information about land safety, along with tips, tricks and the essential information to help you be the best expedition leader possible.
  • Children can also earn a Nature Champion Medal by telling their friends about the awesome things they’ve seen, whether it be a New Zealand animal, bird, insect, plant or other species. Head to the Kiwi Guardian website and find out how.

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