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New name, new title and new faces at the OBA2 min read

Jul 8, 2024 2 min

New name, new title and new faces at the OBA2 min read

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New team members, Mike Birrane and Victoria Puxty.

The Onehunga Business Association marked significant changes this month: a name change, title change, new businesses were introduced and two new dynamic team members.

Due to the success of the recent Business Improvement District (BID) expansion, their new name is Business Onehunga – putting business first.

The town manager, Amanda Wellgreen, has stepped into the role as General Manager, and she recently welcomed two new faces to her team too.

She also gives a hearty warm welcome to the businesses who joined the ranks since the success was announced, and says efforts are underway to ensure all new member details are up-to-date in the business directory, enabling them to reap the benefits of being a business member.

Along with this exciting growth, she welcomes Mike Birrane and Victoria ‘Tor’ Puxty to the team, each bringing a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to their roles.

Mike is the new Crime Prevention and Operations Manager, and he brings years of international and local expertise. Hailing from London, Mike served 20 years in the reserves and spent three years with the UK Police before moving to New Zealand 14 years ago. He has held senior security positions at top firms in Auckland, and has been an active member of the Onehunga Community Patrol for over a decade.

Communication is important for Tor as the new Marketing and Communications Manager, bringing with her a stellar background in agency work and a versatile skillset. Her greatest strength lies in nurturing brand growth and fostering solid relationships. She understands client brands, businesses, markets, and consumers, which allows her to create tailored strategies for brand success. Tor’s strong background in website development and project management equips her to oversee the end-to-end execution of marketing initiatives. Known for her calm demeanour and positive attitude, Tor will play a crucial role in strengthening communication within Business Onehunga, and promoting their initiatives.

Amanda is thrilled about the future of Business Onehunga, saying, “We’re building a powerhouse team to propel us forward as our membership expands to over 1,100 local businesses.

Mike and Victoria’s experience is a welcome addition, and we’re confident they’ll play a vital role in helping Onehunga businesses thrive. After all, Onehunga is a fantastic community, and we want to see our local businesses flourish.”