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A fantastic kaiako – ROI teacher receives prestigious award2 min read

Feb 3, 2020 2 min

A fantastic kaiako – ROI teacher receives prestigious award2 min read

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Royal Oak Intermediate teacher, Lee Tibble, became an educator because he wanted to make a difference and do something worthwhile in his life. At the end of 2019, his efforts were recognised, when he received the prestigious ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA), for his outstanding work at the school.


The ASG NEiTA awards recognise and applaud inspirational educators throughout Australia and New Zealand. Nominations are made by parents, students, and communities, and the select few who progress through to the last stage are then required to submit an essay and video for final judgement.

Mr Tibble’s teaching journey began almost a decade ago in London. This year will be his 7th year teaching in New Zealand, where he started at ROI, and is now the school’s literacy leader.  When he received the phone call announcing his win, he says, “To say I was taken back would be a huge understatement. I was proud to be recognised, but I feel I do no more than the other fantastic kaiako (feeders of knowledge) that help to shape our young people.”

He would like to acknowledge the staff at ROI for their tautoko (support), and for trusting in his unique way of teaching. He also wishes to thank all the people who believed in his vision, and those who opened doors of opportunities for him along the way.

He says, “I had two teachers during my childhood who were such positive impacts on me becoming the person I am today. I am grateful to David Kinane, who made me completely re-think everything I thought about education, for the better. Most of all, all the tamariki of ROI who inspire me to come to kura each and every day to give as much as I can. There’s no better feeling than seeing the lightbulb go off, when you help a student learn something new.”