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Watch out for the moth plant this month1 min read

Apr 26, 2021 < 1 min

Watch out for the moth plant this month1 min read

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Moth plants have infested the Onehunga area – peoples’ gardens, commercial properties, railway land, Auckland Council reserves, native bush and the sides of motorways.

An invasive climbing noxious weed,  it overtakes and kills plants, including natives. It has a pretty flower, and at this time of year produces pods that contain thousands of seeds that when released can be blown kilometres.

Because this is starting to happen, it’s extremely important for the seed pods to be removed and destroyed now. Put the pods into a plastic bag and send to landfill. It does not break down in a home compost system. It’s also important to kill the vine at the root –either dig it out or cut and paste with one of the many gels available.

There are literally hundreds of volunteers fighting throughout Auckland to eradicate this pest. They belong to STAMP, (Society Totally Against Moth Plant), an open Facebook group of volunteers. It has grown from 300 members to over 1000 this summer, such is the urgency of the situation. Anyone can report sightings of the plant and do the killing and podding.

In March four hardy souls from Onehunga, spent most of their day risking life and limb to take out a huge patch in Taumanu Reserve, Onehunga. That job continues.

Go to: Society totally against moth plant on Facebook