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Values with action2 min read

Aug 4, 2021 2 min

Values with action2 min read

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St Joseph’s School students were quick to offer aid to families of the school affected by June’s tornado in Papatoetoe. A mufti-day fundraiser was held to collect money to assist two St Joseph’s School families who were impacted by the devastating tornado aftermath – one family had to vacate their damaged home and another house suffered substantial damage.


To coincide with the school mufti event and with only a couple of days of planning, the student-led group also planned a bake sale to help raise additional funds. They managed to bake a good number of treats to sell on the day – some made with the help of school staff.


The school lives by four main values – compassion, service, justice and respect, and their Mercy Values Club works to uphold these principles. Year 6 student, Isabella Powick, is an active leader of the Mercy Values Club, and was responsible for organising the bake sale. She was sad about the tornado disaster, so approached principal Carolyn Massey with her request.


“Our club has a heart for others in need, and we saw an opportunity to serve in the community by raising money for the people whose houses have been damaged in the tornado. It’s all about showing the Mercy Values of Service, and we work in our school by helping teachers, serving around the school and looking out for those who need us. We strive to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way,” she says.


Ms Massey was proud of their efforts, and was happy to offer support. “I was amazed at Isabella’s drive. She saw a need, and she was very quick to respond. She had the confidence in herself to set a goal, and she reached it. That is powerful,” she says.


The bake sale raised $225, and funds were passed on to the families who were grateful for the heartfelt gesture.