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Queen’s award for Robin2 min read

Jul 11, 2023 2 min

Queen’s award for Robin2 min read

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Robin Young from Māngere Bridge proudly displays his Queen’s Service Medal (photo supplied)

Robin Young from Māngere Bridge was proved to have a very generous heart when he was awarded the esteemed Queen’s Service Medal for helping the community.

Robin received the award as part of the King’s Honour Roll for ‘valuable voluntary service to the community or faithful service to the Crown’ on a regional level. He received this esteemed award at Auckland’s Government House in April.

He was nominated by a member of the community, who saw that Robin has been involved in helping others since 1976, and expects nothing in return.

Robin started volunteering his time when he joined the Cosmopolitan Club in 1976. He then joined the Rotary Club in 1979, and has been president three times: 1986-1987, 2006-2007, and 2017-2018. Not only has he been a member of the service organisation for the past 40-plus years, he also helps raise muchneeded funds for it too. Since 2005, he has raised over $100,000 by selling boxes of firewood, and the proceeds go straight back into the community.

Through his fundraising efforts and involvement in Rotary projects, Robin has supported Starship Hospital Burns Unit, Cure Kids, local schools, Women’s Refuge, Riding for the Disabled and Māngere Budgeting Service, among other community causes.

Robin has supported Māngere Bridge Volunteer Community Patrol for several years by donating petrol and assisting with maintenance for the patrol vehicle. He also supports the Māngere Historical Society and provides a platform in his store where they can sell their books. Robin helped instigate the Māngere Bridge combined Probus club, where he has organised a number of outings and events. He also served on the local community board from 1998 to 2001.

Robin has been the owner of the GAS petrol station in Coronation Road, Māngere Bridge, since 1991 and before this, he owned a petrol station in Massey.

Local residents can be proud of having such an honourable man living in their community.