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New editor has a passion for people2 min read

Jun 9, 2023 2 min

New editor has a passion for people2 min read

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Lara Fagan is the new editor at the Onehunga Community News

The new editor of the Onehunga Community News has a passion for people, the written word – and good coffee.

Lara Fagan took over the editor’s role from Rachel Sturges in March, and says, “I’m honoured to be appointed as the new editor of this fabulous and fast-growing magazine. I am thrilled to be a part of the Onehunga community, and to have a great team at the News.”

Originally from South Africa, Lara moved to New Zealand in July 2019 with her family. “I’ve adapted to the change, while learning and growing at the same time. My love for New Zealand has made me very eager to learn more about the Kiwi culture.”

As a teenager, Lara realised she loved writing so studied to be a journalist. She accepted her first job, after her first-ever job interview as a junior reporter, at a local newspaper for Caxton Ltd, one of South Africa’s largest media firms. She worked her way up the ranks and became editor of two weekly newspapers, about the same size as the Onehunga Community News.

In the time she spent at Caxton, she was nominated for senior journalist of the year three times, and won awards for her photography skills. Apart from putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard), Lara enjoys good coffee, reading, photography, outdoor activities, watching sports, op shop shopping, and spending time with friends and framily (friends who become family).

On a personal note, Lara met her husband through work when she was a junior reporter, and has been married since 1999. Her eldest son is 22, and is currently working while completing his private pilot’s licence, with the aim of joining the air force. Her youngest is 19, and a first year student at Massey University studying business, majoring in finance and marketing. They love spending time together as a family, while exploring their adopted country.

Lara says, “I’ve realised that life is too short, so drink good coffee, surround yourself with positive people and I am going to make sure there’s enough ink in my pen as I continue my journey with the news.