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Mini golf faces closure amid redevelopment2 min read

Nov 6, 2023 2 min

Mini golf faces closure amid redevelopment2 min read

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The owner of the Enchanted Forest Mini Golf, Darryl Prout.

Onehunga’s much-loved Enchanted Forest Mini Golf is at risk of closure due to an impending redevelopment in the area.

The owner, Darryl Prout, has owned the recreational gem for the past eight years, and claims that Eke Panuku did not inform him of any plans to redevelop the area, or include the mini golf, which is built on council-owned land, in the new plans.

Darryl first caught wind of the proposed redevelopment project, known as the Waiapu Precinct, about three years ago when a customer told him about a public consulation meeting taking place at the Onehunga Library at the time.

“I was very curious and walked over to the library,” says Darryl. “There was a map of the area, and I noticed that the mini golf wasn’t even marked on it. There was just a green area where the mini golf is.”

He says no posters were erected at the mini golf about the pubic consultation meeting either.

“Some people from the council came to see me, but they ignored my request to be consulted further,” he says. “They didn’t even make an effort to come see me after that. I have been a loyal commercial tenant for eight years and always pay my lease on time. It would have been nice if they communicated with me better.”

Darryl says he fully supports the idea of the area being redeveloped, and it would have been great if he was included in any decisions taking place.

In response to Darryl, the senior media advisor at Eke Panuku, Lisa Franklin, says, “The Enchanted Forest is a commercial business, and not a facility run or managed by Auckland Council.

The tenant is aware that the site is earmarked for future development, and we have kept the tenant fully informed of the proposed timing of the future redevelopment of the site, and are committed to continue to keep the tenant informed.”

Eke Panuku’s plans for the Waiapu Precinct focuses on enhancing public areas, laneways, parking provisions, and pedestrian access. These plans include new homes, improved pathways to Onehunga Mall and the Manukau Harbour, and connections to community facilities like the library.

Notably, a new family playground catering to various age groups is also part of the development proposal.

The fate of this beloved mini golf course hangs in the balance, but its enduring popularity among locals and visitors remains a testament to its importance in the Onehunga community.

Until the final decision has been made, the mini golf course remains open, offering its unique charm to the community. It continues to provide an enjoyable challenge for all ages, amid the serene park setting.