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Little free library for locals, by locals2 min read

Apr 26, 2021 2 min

Little free library for locals, by locals2 min read

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A tiny Little Free Library has popped up at 46 Mariri Road in Onehunga, built and painted for locals, by locals.

The idea for the library was dreamed up and created by 21 year-old Juliet Small. After seeing the popularity of free libraries in the USA through posts on Instagram, she fell in love with the concept, and wanted to build the small book hub to share her love of reading with the community she lives in. The sturdy and elegant library was built by Oliver Van Len, and one of Juliet’s friends, Caitlin Forgie, is responsible for the beautiful art work.

Many of the books are pre-loved from her own personal collection, and they include books she finds during her regular op-shopping ventures. Juliet checks the library frequently to ensure there is always something for everyone; fiction, non-fiction, adult and children’s books. Visitors are more than welcome to take one book, and to leave one behind if they can.

She says, “I have seen many people outside the library in the last couple of weeks, taking and leaving books. The best moment was coming home and seeing a boy sitting on a nearby tree stump reading to his younger sister. So fantastic to see young people reading.”

Having lived in Onehunga her whole life, Juliet recently moved away but remains very connected to Onehunga. Her close friends and family still live in the area, and she continues to enjoy working at The Bramble – a cocktail bar on Onehunga Mall with a strong local clientele.

Juliet says, “The response from the community has been incredible – such lovely and positive feedback online. As people begin to leave books in the library, I look forward to seeing a diverse selection. Thank you all for your support, I hope you find some great books in the Onehunga Little Free Library.”