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Leadership teams2 min read

Mar 2, 2022 2 min

Leadership teams2 min read

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Congratulations to all the students who have been chosen to be part of the student leadership teams of their respective schools.

Both Onehunga High School (OHS) and Marcellin College are changing the traditional approach to school prefects. They will simply be known as head prefects, with the focus on all the prefects as a leadership team, sharing responsibilities.

As part of this new team approach, both schools have increased the number of deputy head prefects. Marcellin was the first to do this last year, with the appointment of four deputy heads, while OHS has appointed three deputies for 2022.

The new head prefects at OHS, Christina Elone and ‘Uluaki Fulivai Kaivelata, will be supported by Olivia Bush, Litania Langi and Ben Webb as the deputy heads.

Marcellin’s head prefects are Alesana Timoteo and Rita Tuitavuki, with deputies, Najeer Payne, Shivnil Archary, Seilosa Masunu and Trinity Tuala.

Marcellin’s leadership group believes one advantage of having a larger group is that it brings more knowledge and experience to the group. Between them they represent a variety of different cultures, including Samoan, Tongan, Indian and American heritages. They all agree that in a school that has so many cultures, it is good to have a leadership group that reflects the diversity of the college.

For many within both schools leadership groups, the lead up to the new school year was disrupted by the tsunami in Tonga. They had to interrupt preparations for their new responsibilities to help out their families in the islands.

OHSUluaki and Chriustine are Tongan and also cousins. They both have family living in Hihifo on the west coast of Tongatapu, which was badly hit by the tsunami. Fortunately their families managed to evacuate in time and were all safe, but they say the wait to hear from them was very stressful. The week before school started, ‘Uluaki spent time volunteering at Mt Smart Stadium to help load containers and Christine says she and her mother were buying and packing basic items to send to the islands.

The Tongan members of the Marcellin team also spent the week before school filling packages with aid for Tonga and the entire team have been discussing plans to organise fundraisers over the coming months.

The leadership team for One Tree Hill College had not been announced at the time of going to print.


OHS Prefects- Rear: Ben Webb, Phillip Puhotau, Sophie Roberts, ‘Uluaki Fulivai Kaivelata, Litania Langi, Olivia Bush, Evan Taylor, Margilyn Liu Chan, Deidre Shea (Principal) Front row: Jasmine Son, Nellie-Eva Sifaheone, Dana Gasic, Camryn Lowe, Nu Phan-Huynh, Timena Veni Moenoa, Christina Elone Absent: Sione Havili

Marcellin Head and Deputy Head Prefects. Standing – Najeer Payne, Alesana Timoteo, Shivnil Archary. Seated – Seilosa Masunu, Rita Maria Emarald Tuitavuki and Trinity Tuala