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Janet bids farewell after a decade of service2 min read

Feb 8, 2024 2 min

Janet bids farewell after a decade of service2 min read

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After a decade of dedicated service at the Onehunga Community News, Janet Hannah, is bidding farewell as the advertising manager, and is looking forward to her retirement.

Having lived locally for over 40 years, Janet has not only been a steadfast member of the community, but has also played a crucial role in the advertising department of the cherished publication.

Her journey with the OCN started in late 2013, when she stumbled upon an advertisement in the magazine, seeking a skilled individual for an advertising position.

“Having just faced redundancy, I saw this as serendipity,” she says. “It was the perfect opportunity so I eagerly jumped at it, ultimately securing the role.”

Over the past decade, Janet has managed countless campaigns and worked seamlessly with the OCN team. Despite the challenges brought on by the 2020 lockdown, Janet, along with former editor Rachel Sturges, navigated through disruptions and continued to deliver quality content to the community.

Expressing her gratitude, Janet thanks all the many advertisers who have made their mark in the OCN, because without them, the publication would not be viable. She also acknowledges the collaborative spirit of the small but efficient team at the OCN, thanking them for their unwavering support and cooperation. Special mentions were given to the current editor, Lara Fagan, and her predecessor, Rachel, for their teamwork and dedication.

She also praises the talented designer, Rachael MacLean, “who never complained about last minute changes to adverts and who produced excellent material.”

As she prepares to retire, Janet looks forward to decluttering her house, organising her extensive collection of photos, and exploring her passion for gardening. She is also very keen to travel, and has a plan to embark on a holiday in the middle of February.

Eager to embark on new adventures, she is contemplating trying her hand at furniture restoration.

Janet’s love for the Onehunga community is evident in her parting words, praising the local businesses and vibrant community activities that have made living in Onehunga a joy.

With a heart full of gratitude for her time at the OCN, Janet leaves behind a legacy of dedication, community spirit, and a decade of service that has enriched the lives of those in Onehunga.