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Help save Auckland CABs2 min read

Mar 8, 2023 2 min

Help save Auckland CABs2 min read

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The CAB in Onehunga

Auckland Council’s proposals to reduce financial support to essential community organisations and services include the region’s 32 Citizens Advice Bureaux (CABs).

The proposed cutbacks are part of the council’s 2023/24 draft budget which seeks savings as it struggles to limit rate rises and reduce council expenditure and debt.

The budget will be open for public consultation in March and CAB is urging Aucklanders to oppose council’s threat to reduce or possibly remove council support for CABs across Auckland who help about 160,000 people in the Auckland region each year.

You can help by signing a petition to fight the potentially significant threat to CAB’s future after over 50 years of operation in the region.

You can find the petition on our or visit the Onehunga CAB office at 81 Church Street to sign it.

Onehunga manager, Dr Christopher Theunissen, says the Council’s proposals to reduce or remove its funding and support, including potentially CAB office accommodation in libraries and community centres, presents a serious threat to CAB’s free services.

“Our trained volunteers assist people who are often referred to us by local authorities and government agencies in addition to those who phone, email or walk in seeking advice.”

He adds: “Many people are enduring tough situations at the moment, with cost-of-living increases, rental and mortgage increases and many other issues that are part of daily life. We provide information on all these issues, including advice on where they can get help to deal with the aftermath of the recent floods that have caused extensive damage. Essentially, CAB is needed as a reliable and free service to help people in our community face challenging circumstances.”

Christopher’s appreciation of existing support from council is evident, stating “We truly appreciate the support we have had from council over the years in the knowledge we’re here assisting the city’s inhabitants with a service that is free and which has incredible social value. We sincerely hope councillors and the council itself will continue to recognise CAB’s value and the important relationship that currently exists.”

Onehunga CAB available at 81 Church Street, by phone 634 1613 or 636 6152 or email:

(Don’t forget that the CAB will also be assisting those who need help with their March Census forms, whether they prefer to do this online or on paper.)

John Evans

Onehunga CAB volunteer