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Green Party candidate1 min read

Oct 13, 2023 < 1 min

Green Party candidate1 min read

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Sapna Samant (Green Party)

A gremlin crept into the system and omitted Sapna Samant’s editorial piece in the October issue. The Editor of the ONEHUNGA COMMUNITY NEWS apologies for the error.

Sapna is the Green Party candidate for Maungakiekie.
“I am a GP, an award-winning filmmaker, a radio producer, a writer, a single mum, an activist and tauiwi who honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We are at a crucial juncture in Aotearoa today, where all are affected by the cost of living and climate change. We need an Aotearoa where everyone is healthy, has a liveable income, a warm home and food on the table. My two areas of interest are primary health care and the arts. We need an equitable, accessible, sustainable and free health care system centering the most vulnerable, and a community-focused arts sector where our artists can sustain themselves. The Green Party has always prioritised the planet and people before profits. I seek the party vote for the Greens in Maungakiekie so we can get more Green MPs in Parliament, who can ensure we have an inclusive, progressive and a fair Aotearoa for all.”
The views expressed above are the views of the candidate, and not of the ONEHUNGA COMMUNITY NEWS.