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Girl guiding groups seek new leaders2 min read

Dec 2, 2021 2 min

Girl guiding groups seek new leaders2 min read

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Jenni Brookes has been a Brownie leader for more than 20 years, but the last two have stretched her creative muscles more than usual.

With the move to Zoom for many sessions,  it’s a big change for an organisation that does a lot of hands-on, outdoor group activities and camps, but it’s one that the girls and leaders are making the best of. They’re just “glad it can carry on” says Jenni, who is the leader of the Oranga Brownies unit.

Over Zoom, the girls have still managed to complete badges such as Junior Chef and Emergency Management, and done art, cooking, quizzes, and generally kept in touch with each other.

It hasn’t dampened Jenni’s love for her leadership role, and she says the organisation is crying out for more leaders for local groups of Pippins, Brownies and Guides.

“I love everything about it,” says Jenni, who moved into leadership in her teens, after being a Brownie, Guide and Ranger, back in the United Kingdom.

“I like the activities, the badges, the camps, and I like that the girls have the same opportunities that I had. It’s great when you see quiet, shy Brownies that are really nervous, develop confidence, and those you have to initially help with everything, become the helpers themselves. “

As well as regular meetings and badges, when restrictions allow there are also camps, and one-off events including STEM-based learning days, cooking, and art classes. There are also Girl-Powered community events, where people not yet involved in Guiding can come along for a taster, and an online Explore programme for those keen to be involved but not able to meet in person. People can also access activity bundles and other resources online.

“There are quite a few units in this area, including Māngere Bridge and Mt Eden, so if one unit is full, you’re likely to find space at a nearby one, or can go on a waiting list, for when girls move on to the next level.”

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