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Earth Action Trust here to help with your next community clean up2 min read

Jun 1, 2022 2 min

Earth Action Trust here to help with your next community clean up2 min read

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Earth Action Trust turned out with their rubbish claws to join the recent Onehunga Bay clean-up organised by MP Priyanca Radhakrishnan. They want to help beautify another area, and they want to hear from you!


Twice a month, the group organises a street clean, from 10am – 12pm and they’re always keen to hear of areas needing their attention. “We do two-hour clean ups on the second Thursday and second Sunday of each month and we’re happy to support any neighbourhood street clean-up,” says Agnes Granada, Earth Action Trust coordinator.


They can supply rubbish claws for hands-free litter pick up, hi-vis vests, gloves and sorting bins and separate bags for sharp objects, and education about sorting rubbish. “We also provide information about how to sort your rubbish, as it’s something surprisingly many people don’t know how to do,” says Agnes. “Earth Action Trust can drive its van to an event with the resources to lend, and our staff will participate in the clean-up and collect back all the resources at the end.” They may also be able to take some items away for proper disposal.


Along with physical clean-up events, the trust run awareness campaigns; zero waste education for homes, events, offices and schools; conduct surveys to understand awareness of environmental issues; run a volunteer network, who they support to employment where possible; and support fellow community organisations.


“The overall goal of the Earth Action Trust is to transform people’s lives by empowering them through education, action and leadership to be good stewards of the environment,” says Agnes.

“Being part of work like this helps improve people’s wellbeing and their ability to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, diverse and integrated community for the future.”

To find more information, and to contact Earth Action Trust with street clean ideas, visit or email