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ALR: Residents prefer one route more than the other2 min read

Jul 11, 2023 2 min

ALR: Residents prefer one route more than the other2 min read

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Hearing from local residents at Māngere Town Centre (photo supplied)

The local Onehunga community has a strong preference for a light rail route along the SH20 motorway rather than it snaking its way through the suburbs.

Auckland Light Rail (ALR) say they received feedback from the community, stating that the majority of local residents prefer to have the rail route along the motorway and the Onehunga Bay Lagoon, ‘as it was seen to be simpler, more direct and less disruptive to residential neighbours’.

The railway company have received a fantastic response from the community, as they helped shape the preferred route, and gave ALR a much clearer picture of what is important to the residents.

“Public support for the project remains very high, with 70% of people expressing support, even among people who have raised concerns about either of the options we are considering in Māngere or Onehunga,” says a media release from Auckland Light Rail.

ALR say there is a strong desire for light rail to connect into Māngere Town Centre, with almost 80% of people supporting this route. “People are excited for Māngere to be on the light rail network, providing a much needed, convenient way to connect to jobs and education, to go shopping and for everyday activities.”

ALR has shared the feedback with the project team, who are considering the various implications, trade-offs and the next steps. They are now proceeding with more detailed work on the design of the options and assessing any impacts on neighbouring properties, the environment and landscape.

ALR will continue to work with the Onehunga and Māngere communities and in the next few months, will share the final decisions about the route and station locations. This will be a  key milestone in the consenting and approvals phase to progress the project.

Beyond the Onehunga borders, the first round of below-ground investigations to drill 30 boreholes between Kingsland and Wesley, is completed. The information from the data has given a 3D-view of Auckland underground.

As part of the drilling work, the team discovered several layers of basalt lava flows 40 to 50 metres deep, belonging to the historic Auckland Volcanic Field. These are ‘no-go areas’ as it would be difficult to build the tunnel. It’s critical information that allows the project team to work out the exact path for the tunnel, and where stations could be located.