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A clean cut – raising funds for cancer2 min read

Jun 2, 2021 2 min

A clean cut – raising funds for cancer2 min read

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An Onehunga Primary School Year 6 student is taking part in Shave For a Cure, to raise funds for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC). On Friday 11th June, Tahila will shave off all of her hair at a special school assembly, to support patients fighting cancer.


LBC is a national charity dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with a blood cancer or a related blood condition. Donations will help fund their core services – support programmes, research, information, awareness, and advocacy.


After a friend told her about the Shave for Cure Foundation, she decided to sign up to help raise much-needed funding. She has since spent the last two years growing her hair longer to prepare for the event.


“I’ve always wanted to donate my hair to make wigs for cancer patients. I want to help find more effective treatments to help save lives and make sure people with cancer get the support they need to get through. I would encourage others to think about fundraising so that doctors can use the money to find a cure. I think people who have cancer would really appreciate it,” she says.


By donating her hair, Tahila is honouring some of her loved ones, including her late grandfather who had lymphoma cancer. The grueling therapy left him bald from the chemo treatments, but he eventually grew his hair back and beat the cancer. He sadly passed away from an aneurysm while in remission, but Tahila and her family continue to remember him for his bravery and love of life.


She is fortunate to have a large extended family and lots of friends who support her – her mum, dad and brother, Amani, are “100% backing her”. She is excited to take part in Shave for a Cure, because it is for the benefit of others, and that is what makes her the happiest.


If you would like to help Tahila by donating, visit


For anyone who wants to participate in Shave for a Cure, you can sign up on the Shave for a Cure website