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A bigger and better BID for Onehunga?2 min read

Aug 10, 2023 2 min

A bigger and better BID for Onehunga?2 min read

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The Onehunga Business Association is proposing to expand the town’s business improvement district (BID), as they can see the

great potential the town has to offer.

According to Amanda Wellgreen, town manager at the business association, there are 450 businesses in the current BID boundary, and they are aiming to include about 650 more, to have a whopping 1,100 businesses, if the BID expansion is successful.

The new area includes services, heavy and light industries, and several warehouses.

Amanda says the expansion is long overdue as Onehunga has matured as a business area. The business association has been in operation since 1937 and the current BID programme was established by Auckland Council in 2010.

If the BID is successful, then a targeted rate will be paid by all business owners within the area. One hundred percent of this funding is returned to the business association to allow them to improve and maintain the BID boundary, in areas such as local economic development (making Onehunga a more appealing place to work and visit, business directory for all OBA members and professional local networking connections); security (regular and coordinated patrols, installing and expanding the CCTV network, graffiti management and illegally dumped rubbish); brand and promotions (various social media pages, website, promotions to the wider Auckland community and internal communications – monthly digital newsletters); events (workshops and networking, community-focused events); advocacy services with central and local government (focusing on local economic benefits for business, transport, effects from building development, physical landscape and environment,

zoning of property – commercial vs residential); sustainability (waste audits, extensive recycling information, inorganic waste collections and food waste collection service).

“Expanding the BID boundary means we will have the resources to act more quickly and decisively for all businesses in Onehunga,” says Amanda. “There is a lot of pressure on businesses to get things done, and we will be a voice for them with council agencies, the local board and local government. We thrive on getting things done and fully support building businesses.”

Her team is currently connecting with businesses in the proposed area to give them information about the expansion.

“Many businesses sit outside the existing boundary and are missing out on the benefits of being part of the association,” she says.

“We know the businesses in the current area appreciate the benefits they receive, and we are always happy to help them.”

They are hoping to take the expansion vote to the polls by early next year, where an independent ballot management company will oversee the voting.

The Onehunga Business Association needs 25 percent of the property and business owners to return their vote, and the support of 51 percent of those who voted, for the BID to be established.