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StarJam at the Oranga Community Centre

July 25, 2019


StarJam at the Oranga Community Centre

Every Thursday evening, StarJam run a funky music and dance workshop for young people with disabilities, down at the Oranga Community Centre.

StarJam is a national organisation where youth are given a space to unleash their inner star, through the magic of music, dance and performance. The free programme connects young people between the ages of six and 25 with peers in their community. They are given the opportunity to make new friends, improve their social skills, and grow their confidence in a supportive environment.

Auckland programmes coordinator Ella Stewart says, “Our amazing Jammers are at the heart of everything we do. We are part of a movement where every person with a disability is accepted, encouraged and celebrated.”

The dedicated StarJam team began operating out of Oranga Community Centre in 2016. The weekly 90 minute workshop is led by a tutor and at least two volunteers. They run two workshops each Thursday evening at the centre, with excited dancers and musicians taking part in the Magic Movers and Central Dynamic Drummers classes.

The organisation is not government funded. For many, it is one of the only safe places where they can pursue their love of music, feel included, and express themselves in their own unique way without fearing judgement. The StarJam programme gives them a sense of belonging, a social connection, and an opportunity to share their talents. Ella Stewart says, “If you are a young person with a disability aged between six and 25 years old, we invite you to step outside your comfort zone, dream big and discover the magic of StarJam!”

StarJam also run community events throughout the year, such as discos, an annual golf day, and a gala dinner, which are open to anyone in the community. The End-of-Year Concert is the biggest event on their calendar, where Jammers can truly shine as they take centre stage.

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