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Representing With Pride

December 8, 2018


Representing With Pride

In December, the biannual Onehunga Primary School Arts and Cultural Festival took place. Students and staff all looked the part, geared up in elegant traditional wear and colourful costumes, to represent the many cultures and talents of Onehunga’s diverse community.

Visual Arts Group OPS
The Visual Arts group show off their work

Viki Holley opened the day by welcoming the crowd, followed by the Māori group, who blessed the occasion with a fine performance. A number of new groups joined the lineup this time around. Additional arts, dance and science collectives added to the diversity of the occasion, sharing informative displays and presentations. Pacifika groups were well represented, and it was also great to see nations like Cuba, Croatia, and the Phillipines sharing a piece of their unique culture, and representing their countries with pride.

Ms Holley was impressed with the efforts from everyone involved. “We were so proud of our children, and enjoyed a fantastic day together. The weather even held out for us! Our performances were not meant to be of slick competition quality, but to provide an opportunity for all of our children to play a part, learn about a culture and share their learning. We loved having families at school helping with rehearsals and preparation, and are thankful to everyone who helped to make this happen.”