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Oranga Development – confusion clarified for tenants

June 10, 2019


Oranga Development – confusion clarified for tenants

A communications mix up has been resolved for Housing New Zealand tenants in Oranga.


In April, a worried local family contacted Onehunga Community News about their, and new housing is built.


In 2018, Oranga developers, Home Land Community (HLC) said that they would “rehouse tenants in or close to areas of their choice.” They also said they would make sure “people’s housing needs are met and, as long as appropriate homes are available, we will give priority to your community links and schooling.”


In a meeting with HNZ, the family was informed there were no available properties locally – instead they were offered housing in either Otãhuhu, or Mount Wellington. They were also told that they would not be able to move back, as it was not “part of the development policy”.


This family has many local connections – they have lived in the area since the 1960’s, their children attend the local school, as they did, and their grandmother helps care for her grandchildren. She, in turn, looks after her elderly mother in Mount Roskill.


Maungakiekie MP, Denise Lee, and Maungakiekie-Tãmaki Councillor, Josephine Bartley, have both met with HNZ and HLC to try to get answers for the tenants. Ms Bartley was told that the family had been “misadvised”, and that local housing would now be found for them.


Ms Lee says, “Both HLC and HNZ have recognised that their internal communications fell short of their public policy. Initially, there was no guarantee that families could be permanently relocated back into the area, but they have now confirmed with me that first attempts will be rehousing within Oranga. Should this not be possible due to lack of housing, affected tenants may have to temporarily relocate, but they will be given the opportunity to return to Oranga in due course. Lastly, affected tenants will have the option to relocate to an entirely new community should they choose.”