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More beaches for Onehunga  

November 6, 2019


More beaches for Onehunga  

It has now been four years since our award-winning Taumanu Reserve was created and opened up for the public to enjoy.


If you don’t already know the story behind it, this restored piece of foreshore would not be there at all, if it hadn’t been for the determined efforts of the community, including The Onehunga Enhancement Society (TOES). This group was created in 2007 to advocate for the restoration of the ruined foreshore, destroyed by the construction of SH20 in the 1970’s.


Despite official assurances that the foreshore would be restored, nothing had come of it. Even though the lagoon reserve had been created, the foreshore remained littered with rubbish and rubble left over from the motorway construction. When an interchange upgrade was proposed in 2007, the community decided it had had enough, and began to take action. Their mission was to ensure that Onehunga got a better outcome from the next stage of the development .


You might think that TOES would have stopped there. But they have continued to advocate on behalf of Onehunga on many issues, including the East West Link, the design of the Mãngere pedestrian bridge, and Watercare’s Central Interceptor.

Their latest campaign is to continue the completion of the rest of the foreshore, based on the original design;  for the restorative reclamation to stretch all the way to the Port of Onehunga, and to deliver a safe harbour anchorage for boats.

To complete the final work between Taumanu Reserve and Onehunga Port, TOES needs your support. To enable the necessary reclamation to take place, a plan change to the Auckland Unitary Plan is required, and although TOES will continue to lobby Auckland Council for this, they say the best course of action is to submit a private plan change. This will cost $30,000 to lodge and process fees, and for this reason they have opened a Givealittle campaign to raise funds.

To donate, and read more about their campaign, and why there needs to be a plan change, go to their Facebook page and


(The desired view of the foreshore from Taumanu to the Port – a photo simulation supplied by Stephen Lasham)