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Hazardous roundabout due for upgrade

June 24, 2019


Hazardous roundabout due for upgrade

Royal Oak roundabout has the dubious distinction of being the 24th most dangerous roundabout in New Zealand. Despite an upgrade several years ago, the hazardous intersection remains unsafe, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians. However, another upgrade is now in the pipeline.


A spokesperson for Auckland Transport (AT) says it is looking at options to improve the safety of pedestrians, people on bikes, motorcycle riders, and vehicles. It is also aiming to improve bus reliability through the roundabout.


The controversial  roundabout forms part of the Mount Roskill electorate, and Michael Wood, Labour MP for Mount Roskill, took to social media recently to canvass local opinion about the upgrade. There was no shortage of commentary, with over 200 people posting about impatient drivers, speed, traffic backlogs, the positioning of zebra crossings, the possible provision of traffic lights, pedestrian underground walkways or overbridges, and improved driver education. Some said they drive the long way round, to avoid it altogether, while others said they had been driving it for years, and had seen no accidents.


AT is invesitgating the options which include raised pedestrian crossings to improve safety and to slow vehicles on the approaches to the roundabout; changes to the roundabout traffic island to improve lane-keeping for all road users;  bus priority measures leading into the roundabout,  including bus stop improvements on Manukau Road; improved signage on approaches to the roundabout.


AT is currently in the process of looking at, and developing, the various options. “Once that’s done we will be doing consultation with the community,”.