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Happy owners, happy dogs

September 5, 2019


Happy owners, happy dogs

Earlier this year, over 8,000 Aucklanders contacted Auckland Council to have their say about its proposed dog management policies and bylaws. The most controversial issue for many was the possibility of reduced or banned off-leash access to parks and beaches.


Time and season rules (where access is already permitted)

The Council originally proposed that dogs are only allowed in parks and on beaches before 10am and after 7pm, from Labour Day weekend to the 31st March.

Based on public feedback, the Council agreed that dogs should be allowed before 10am and after 5pm from 1st December to 1st March.

Local Boards will still be able to decide where access is permitted, and the type of access (on leash, off leash, prohibited, designated dog exercise area

Other changes are as follows:


Multiple dog ownership


Anyone in an urban residential area has to have a licence to own more than two dogs.


Menacing dogs


If a dog has been classified as menacing, the owner can ask council to reassess their classification if:  they can provide a dog behavioural assessment report; their dog does not have any further infringements in a 12-month period; and obtain a responsible dog ownership licence.

Dog control


If a dog is not under control more than once in a year, their owner must get them neutered. Owners who do not comply could be fined.


Access to regional parks


Rules for four regional parks have been reviewed and amended to protect wildlife: Muriwai, Long Bay, Waitakere/Whatipu and Glenfern Sanctuary.

Extension to protect flora

Temporary changes for the protection of vulnerable wildlife and flora when needed, and protect against concerns such as kauri dieback disease.

The new rules, which are standardised across the region, will be in force from 1st November.

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(Heidi and Schultzy enjoy themselves down at Onehunga Bay Reserve)