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Do your bit – conserve water

September 5, 2019


Do your bit – conserve water

Over the past couple of months, Watercare has put a call out to Aucklanders urging us to conserve water.

With the extremely wet August we’ve just experienced, it’s understandably hard to understand why we need to, but they say the dams supplying water to Auckland are still running low, despite the rain.

January to June were the driest months on record for Auckland, and the total water storage for August was at 71.6 per cent, compared with a historical average of 87.3 per cent for that time of year.

“Our dams are low because we experienced a long dry summer, followed by a dry autumn. Early winter was also very dry. Whilst we’re getting some rain, there is still a shortfall to make up, ” says Watercare’s Maxine Clayton.

Updated weather forecasts from Metservice and Niwa suggest normal rainfall conditions over the next few months, and Maxine says they are in “wait and see mode. We are still encouraging Aucklanders to be mindful of their water use as our total water storage is still substantially lower than normal for this time of year.”

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Do your bit – five easy ways to save water

Limit showers to four minutes or less

Don’t keep the tap running when you’re cleaning your teeth, shaving, or washing dishes

Only use your dishwasher or washing machine if you have a full load

Check for leaks – small drips leaking from your toilet cistern can result in thousands of litres wasted
Use a broom to sweep your paths and driveway, rather than a hose


(Watercare hydrologist, Florence Mills beside the Mangatawhiri Dam, Hunua Ranges.)