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An excellent publication

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate receiving your "Onehunga Community News" delivered to my mailbox each month.

It is an excellent publication.  Not only are the articles very interesting, but I find the advertisements of great value, informing and updating me on businesses and shopping in the Onehunga area. I prefer to shop and do business locally - your magazine allows me to do that. Keep up the good work!

With thanks,
Jocelyn Brunt


Kia ora

After reading the latest issue of the Onehunga Community News, I would like to congratulate you on its page layout.

Having the editorial text of articles and any relevant photos in the first half of the page, and advertising down the bottom, seems to me a very attractive and admirable form of combining the two necessary features of community interest and financial sponsorship.

Lots of other organisations could well adopt the principles you so wonderfully display in the News.

Thank you for a very readable magazine, and also your designer’s talent and thoughtfulness in pasting up the pages in such a successful way!  Will you pass on my thanks to her/him, please?

With gratitude and best wishes

Peggy Haworth - Royal Oak


Hi there

I am a resident in Royal Oak and have always enjoyed reading my copy of the Onehunga Community Newspaper when I receive it.  It’s a nice local publication – well done.

Kind regards,

F McInnes


Dear Sheryn -- Thank you for the fabulous ad and the article in the June issue of the Onehunga Community News. The week after it came out I was trotting round Onehunga distributing flyers and posters, and everyone new about the St Peter's anniversary and concert because they'd read about it in the OCN. It was an excellent endorsement of the job you do. Not being a local (and having to write the accountability report for the Community Board after the concert), I'd be very grateful if you could send three copies of the June OCN to me at the address below.

With many thanks, and even more appreciation!

Deirdre Parr



Thank you for distributing the ONEHUNGA COMMUNITY NEWS throughout Mangere Bridge.    It is a most welcome publication.    The advertising is helpful as much of our shopping is done in Onehunga and so many of the news items are of interest.

I often take the liberty of copying articles from your newspaper to forward them to a retired friend who used to work in Onehunga and maintains a keen interest in the

district, but who lives beyond the circulation of Onehunga Community News.    Your obituary on the late Rev. Jenny Harrison will be of particular interest to him.

I can assure you that anything I copy is purely for the edification of my friend and not any form of financial gain or reward.   I always give credit to the origin of anything I copy and forward.   I hope my actions will not be construed as contravening copyright.

Kind regards

Barry Adams



Dear Editor

I have been an avid reader of the Onehunga Newsletter for many years and would like to congratulate you and your team, for your publication.  I find it   provides an excellent balance between local   community news, items &   activities, along with the Business information e.g.  the advertising of local businesses in Onehunga/Mangere Bridge.

I look forward to my monthly addition, to catch up on what has happened and  for  future events.

It is an excellent resource for Onehunga/Mangere Bridge residents and businesses.

I access your website as well which is also very interesting.

Keep up the good work.


Joanna  Keane


Hi Sheryn

Thanks sooo much for all of your help in getting my advertorial in - it looked great. I’ve had lots of calls already from friends who didn¹t know I had changed companies.

Kind regards

S Dawson - Mike Pero


Hi Sheryn

I have already had phone calls which is good and a couple of bookings for cooking class which is even better, let me know if you would like a complimentary seat to the cooking class then you can see firsthand what a Thermomix is.

Yvonne Biggelaar - Thermomix Consultant – Auckland



The Editor

In your December news you have incorporated Mangere Bridge information. How nice to see that someone thinks of us. Most of our family and business history is fairly closely associated with Onehunga.

We do have a local newsletter sponsored by a generous land agent which is good but it is also good to have a wider coverage of local interests on both sides of the bridge.

Yours faithfully

W Williams


Hello Sheryn

I just wanted to let you know that so many people have commented to me that your paper is going from strength to strength, and I certainly agree with them.

B Graham - Maungakiekie Community Board


Hi Sheryn

Just thought I’d drop you a line (on the better late than never front!) to say that I received a copy of the Onehunga Community News at Rotary last Tuesday, and have just had a chance to read it. It is absolutely outstanding. Full of valuable and relevant community information, and totally professional!

Congratulations on a better than ever publication, you are doing a wonderful job.

Kind regards,

Deidre Shea – Principal Onehunga High School


Hello Sheryn

It slipped through my mind and cracks to get back to you and give you a gigantic ‘thank you’ for the article run in the community news about our Gardens and upcoming Master Gardener course. I cannot believe how much information and how efficiently placed it was in the space you wrote about us.


We received our first inquiry today as a direct result of that article, and the general knowledge it gave folks will surely be useful as we move forward and again open up (and become accessible) to the public.

Warm regards,

Scott Thiemann - CCS Disability Action Community Gardens Supervisor


Hi Sheryn

Thank you for allowing us to place some of our articles in your publication. I was interested in getting access to the Onehunga Community News as I know that it is a paper that I enjoy reading; as do so many others in Mangere Bridge. The range of articles makes for interesting reading; and it’s great that you try not to limit yourself to Onehunga only.

I can tell you that in the Mangere CAB we use it as part of our monthly resources. So keep up your good work; and I look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship.

Grateful thanks,

Chris Marr – Manager Mangere Citizens Advice Bureau


I love your newspaper - so much better to read than the Central Leader etc. Thanks you for providing such a quality service.

I have a question - how far does your area of interest cover.  I am the president (newly elected) of the Embroiderers & Lacemakers Guild.  We are quite a small group but several of our members including myself live in this area.  The new committee is looking at ways of raising our profile and as we don't have much in the way of funds, community newspapers are our obvious choice.  We meet in Panmure twice a month and also in West Auckland.

Is there anything you can do to help us?

Many thanks
Catherine Musgrave

Embroiderers & Lacemakers Guild Inc.



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