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Onehunga Laneway 7

Panuku Development Auckland is finally breaking ground in Onehunga, with the first of its upgrades of public space in the town centre. Work on the area around the police station and adjoining laneway has started, and will be completed before the end of April .

In 2015, Panuku selected Onehunga as one of four ‘Transform’ locations throughout Auckland.In March 2017, Auckland Council approved its High Level Project Plan for the long-term transformation of Onehunga. The plan says itis about “retaining the essential character of Onehunga and enhancing its strong town centre offerings. We have an opportunity to create an even greater main street and a civic core, by re-interpreting existing public spaces, prioritising pedestrian movements, creating green landscaping, and facilitating mixed-use development in adjoining blocks.”


Panuku director of Design and Place, Rod Marler, says the revitalisation of Onehunga’s laneways is a very exciting programme of work and offers a taste of the future for Onehunga as part of the wider regeneration of the area. 

“The Onehunga town centre is a wonderful, diverse place with treasures to be uncovered and unique public spaces’, Rod says. 

“The refresh of the town’s laneways builds on this, providing a great opportunity to work with the community to create improved human-scale connections and express the rich culture and history of the area through art and urban design.”

Eight laneways mentioned in the plan consist of seven existing pedestrianised areas linking through to Onehunga Mall, and one park area. These are:


1. 234 Onehunga Mall

2. 210A Onehunga Mall

3. 184 Onehunga Mall

4. 152 Onehunga Mall

5. 151-155 Onehunga Mall

6. 40 Upper Municipal Place 

7. 5 Pearce Street 

8. Paynes Lane


The upgrades will focus on two main concepts: improving night-time safety, and opening up the public spaces. Work will include landscaping, public art, and improved lighting; they will also be used to “reflect back” the stories of Onehunga, says Panuku. The next laneway developments wof  January 2020.



Social pinpoint – Onehunga laneways

Panuku Development Auckland has launched  an easy and fun interactive online map to give Onehunga residents a chance to help shape the future of the town centre, and to encourage the community to give their feedback on projects in this area. Helga Sonier, team leader engagement, Corporate Affairs, says the interactive map was a huge success in the Unlock Panmure initiative and the mix of people using it mirrored the  mix of population in Panmure. She is hoping the same will happen for Onehunga.


Go to www.panukudevelopmentauckland.mysocialpinpoint.com/onehunga  to find out more.


















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