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Onehunga’s piano man


There is a community piano in the Onehunga Community Library foyer, free for the public to enjoy. If you’ve ever been down there first thing in the morning, you may have had the pleasure of hearing talented local man, Tony Chen, play the piano. 

Onehunga Community Library manager, Imraan Ali, looks forward to the morning piano-playing ritual and says Tony’s presence is well received by library staff and customers. He says, “Our friend Tony is very respectful, and always willing to talk and share his kind thoughts. On mornings when he is not present, he is sorely missed”.

Tony arrived in New Zealand from Taiwan as a child in 1989, and learned to play the piano as an adult. He says it gives him peace, and the music has always comforted him throughout life.

After a video of Tony was shared on the Onehunga Community News Facebook page, many who viewed it were impressed by the humble musician’s talent. He enjoys sharing his gift with those around him, and says it is a good way to meet people and make new friends. 

His favourite tunes are gospel songs, and he loves attending Potters Church on Onehunga Mall each Sunday. Tony says, “It brings me so much joy. When I play the piano, I feel the Spirit, and it makes me happy.” 







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