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Palalagi sisters - Sup Sis! An Ode to my Hood


It was a family affair down at the Onehunga 312 Hub, when the Palalagi sisters returned home to Onehunga for a joint exhibition in June. The collection was created and collated by talented siblings Cerisse (Ceeroc), Waiora (Hoodsavvy), Ngaronoa (Noodles), Tabitha (Tabzjoynt) and Te After the studio was transformed to suit everybody, and each piece placed in just the right spot, art enthusiasts, friends and family members filled the venue on opening night, fittingly titled Sup Sis - An Ode to my Hood. The show paid homage to the suburb that raised them, showcasing their gifted works and influences through illustrations, paintings, photography and trendy apparel.  

The 312 Hub crew was honoured to host the sisters, and self-taught photographer and designer Tabz made the journey back to her first home, all the way from Sydney. She commends the new hub, and believes it is a much-needed asset to the community. Tabz commented, “Our creative youth need a local place that is accessible, where they can feel safe. We were extremely lucky to be able to exhibit in the heart of Onehunga, where most of our family still live.” Waiora added, “And as much as Onehunga continues to change aesthetically, I believe its true essence has remained intact.”

Collectively, they draw inspiration from pop culture, fashion, street-art, social media, Japanese anime, 1950’s pin ups, and all things hip-hop. Tabz credits their Maori/Niuean heritage as their inspiration and motivation, and the pride for culture is evident through their designs with strong Maori and Pasifika tones. Each sister has a distinct style, adding individual flavour to the exhibition, and Waiora hopes the public gets a glimpse of the strength you can gain from knowing and embracing your true self.

Self-taught artist Ngaronoa has always shadowed her older and more experienced sisters Cerisse and Waiora. She says, “It has always been a dream of mine to share an exhibition with my sisters. We had the best time as kids growing up in Onehunga.” It was youngest sibling Te Wairua’s first-ever exhibition, and she is taking it all in her stride. “My sisters inspire me and push me - and I love them for that” Te Wairua said. 

For information and prices visit http:/Bit.ly/SUPSIS312













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