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New bus network - changes to popular 312 bus


The 312 bus route has long been a lifeline for residents of Onehunga. For those living in Oranga, Te Papapa and One Tree Hill, it is the only accessible mode of public transport providing service through these suburbs. 

But this is set to end, as the new bus network for Auckland Central takes effect on Sunday the 8th of July. Auckland Transport believes this will create a simpler, more frequent and integrated public transport network, and it aims to increase the frequency on key routes, to run at least every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. 

However, there is no longer a direct route into the city from some of these previously covered areas, and changes to the service look set to disrupt the lives of those who rely solely on the 312 bus for their connection to the outside world. 

New buses will no longer travel along some streets, and as a result, bus users may have to walk further to another bus stop. In some cases, commuters will need to transfer onto another bus or train to get to their final destination.

Kerry and John Edwards have been residents of Onehunga since the 1950’s, and fondly recall when bus services were free on Fridays for locals to do their weekly shopping. Their street will be partially affected by the upgrade, and they believe the changes are a disservice to the community. Kerry commented, “yes, the frequency is great for the main routes, but not the smaller ones, which affect us. We will still have to wait 30 to 60 minutes, or walk further to a main road, plus the added time for transfer onto another bus or train on top of that, depending on where we are going. That’s absolutely fine if you are young or fit, but not ideal if you are older or have limited movement and mobility.”

There is no specified link to Onehunga in the new bus map, but the following services will replace the 312 - taking into account some streets and bus stops have been removed:

The 295 is a less frequent connector service from Ellerslie, Oranga, Royal Oak, Epsom, and the City Centre every 30-60 minutes. From Ellerslie it travels down half of Rockfield Rd, Oranga Ave, Namata Rd and Tawa Rd, continuing onto part of Mt Smart Rd to Epsom and City. 

The 298 is a local service with a service time that varies, but the Auckland Transport map shows it as a less frequent service. It runs from Sylvia Park, Mt Wellington, Ellerslie, Oranga and Onehunga. From Sylvia Park it travels along Campbell Rd, down half of Horotutu Rd, Tawa Rd, part of Rawhiti Rd and down a small section of Oranga Ave to Waitangi Road, Mt Smart Rd, Victoria Street and Arthur St, ending at the Onehunga Depot Station.

If traveling to the City from the Onehunga station, the frequent Number 30 service connects Onehunga, Royal Oak, Epsom, Newmarket, Khyber Pass Road and the City Centre, and can be caught at least every 15 minutes until midnight, 7 days a week. 

Visit https://at.govt.nz/newnetworkcentral  to check the new routes or view bus stops no longer in operation











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