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The arrival of former Football Fern Katie Duncan, as player and coach of the Onehunga Sports Football Club’s Women’s Premier team, is starting to produce results for the club.

Last year, after five years of playing overseas, Katie and her wife Priscilla Duncan, also a former Football Fern, returned to New Zealand. They have owned a house in Onehunga for a number of years, and Katie says they had always planned to settle here on their return home, because, “we love the community and its diversity”.

Katie adds that it was also important that they be an active part of the local community, and make a real contribution. With Onehunga Sports just down the road at Waikaraka Park, offering to coach the club’s women’s teams was an obvious way to achieve this.

Katie’s offer to coach came at the perfect time, and proved to be serendipitous for Onehunga Sports. Following last year’s League and Chatham Cup double, the club has set the ambitious goal of building a women’s team that would match the success of the men. 

Along with Priscilla, Katie has recruited a handful of top women to the club and combined them with promising young players who already play at Onehunga Sports. The result is a team with a good balance of experience, and youthful enthusiasm. 

This turned out to be a mix which is starting to pay off. With a completely new team, it took a while for combinations to gel, and their early results were mixed. However, in recent weeks the team has started hitting its straps. 

Onehunga Sports leads the third tier Conference League and they are looking the favourite for promotion. They recently launched their campaign for the Kate Sheppard Cup (the Women’s version of the Chatham Cup) with a dominant 3-0 win over Central United.

Katie says she is loving coaching, and her philosophy is that the spirit of the team is a key to success. She has combined the Premier and Reserve teams together as a squad of 30 players, and  regular team dinners are a feature of her approach.









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