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Practical conservation


Thirty cubs from the Royal Oak Scouts Group descended on Bunnings Warehouse Mt Roskill in June, where they learnt some basic DIY and worked towards an upcoming conservation badge.

The cubs spent an evening at the store’s DIY Activities’ centre, building bird feeders as part of their badge . Each cub took home their box to hang up and provide food for the birds over winter.  As an added bonus, the feeders could double up as nesting boxes

In addition to the conservation message, the evening was a chance to give the cubs a practical exercise in simple DIY, such as teaching them how to use a hammer properly. The boxes were basic pre-cut MDF kitsets, so all the children had to do was put them together with a bit of adult guidance..There was also an element of problem solving, as there were no instructions about how to assemble  the feeders; the children had to work out for themselves how to build their boxes.

Once they started it was all noise, with the cubs working in pairs. First there were earnest discussions as each duo worked out how their 3D puzzle could be put together. Then there was plenty of hammering, and an overabundance of PVA glue. Eventually, everyone went home with their own, occasionally wonky and glue covered, feeder box.

The evening ended with the cubs’ traditional Bravo chant to thank activities organiser, Amanda Newton, for organising the night.








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