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The Big Hoot Public Art Trail


It’s a hoot 

Expect to see two of these owls on their perch in Onehunga this month  

A group of feathered friends will be flying in from all corners to take part in the Haier Big Hoot Art Trail. From Saturday the 3rd of March, the fibreglass owls will be on display in parks, malls, libraries, and public spaces throughout Auckland. They are part of a Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) project, in partnership with international creator, Wild in Art.  

Auckland is set to host 107 owl sculptures - 47 large bespoke-designed pieces, and 60 miniature versions. Each one is sponsored by a business, educational institution, community group, or individual. The larger ones stand at 1.65 metres, and were created by some of the best local and international artists including Dick Frizzell, Jeff Thomson, Flox, Peata Larkin, Wayne Youle, Anna Leyland, Weilun Ha, and Grace Wright. 

School students were given 60 small owlettes to design, through a school programme called, The Little Hoot. Two special owls will be placed in Onehunga; one in the Mall, and the other in Dress-Smart. Once the public display has finished, they will then be returned to each school. 

On Tuesday the 29th of May, the 47 giant owls will be auctioned off, and donated to CCF. Chief executive of the foundation, Robyn Kiddle, commented, “Owls are icons of storytelling, well known to represent wisdom, migration, diversity, learning and intelligence.” He added, “Every child and family who has walked the child cancer journey, has their own unique story to tell. Each owl sculpture will share a unique and meaningful story.” 

The Big Hoot Trail is free to follow, and ends on Sunday the 6th of May. Maps are available to download at www.bighoot.co.nz, or collect from allocated outlets across the city. Information can also be found on Facebook on theBigHoot2018. 










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