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Auckland Plumbers Group helps flush away poverty


Imagine being one of the 2.3 billion inhabitants of this planet who do not have access to a proper toilet. Poverty, compounded by conflict and natural disasters, means there are a vast number of people who do not have access to a safe, sanitary latrine. Lack of access, and lack of education, lead to disease and death. 

In a bid to ease these appalling statistics, the Toilet Twinning project was created. It has been taken up locally by Auckland Plumbers Group Limited, who, in addition to wanting to support a worthwhile charity, were pleased to discover an initiative which is such a good fit with their industry.

Business owner Andrew Durrans says, “In the past, we have supported various charities, schools and sports teams, in an ad-hoc fashion. I saw this idea at church. Each toilet has a certificate saying where its twin is, and I thought this was something that Auckland Plumbers Group could support. I discussed it with my business partner, John Hurcombe, and he and our employees thought it was a great idea”. 

The business has started by twinning their three staff toilets, and will be twinning customers’ toilets as from 15th January 2018. 

The charity is based in the UK and “twins” toilets throughout the developing world. Andrew emphasises that there will be no additional cost to customers. With each toilet purchased and installed by Auckland Plumbers Group, the business will donate to the charity, and the customer will receive a certificate to hang in their ‘smallest room’.

There is lots more information about how the charity works on the website www.toilettwinning.org










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