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Wanted: a picture postcard view

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The sight of the large transmission pylons stretching across the Onehunga foreshore and the pretty bays of Hillsborough cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be called a picture postcard view. However, Roskill Community Voice (RCV) has used the view on their  own postcard campaign to bury the pylons, and as an effective way of getting political attention.

The postcards, signed by 400 people, and addressed to Mount Roskill’s National MP Parmjeet Parmar, and Labour MP Michael Wood, outline three demands; to undertake a cost/benefit analysis for a programme to remove pylons carrying high-voltage power lines from the Manukau Harbour and Auckland Isthmus; to provide ongoing long-term funding for pylon removals,(in the five years to 2016 Transpower paid over $1.2 billion to the government which could be used to pay for the removal of the pylons); to allow for the removal of the pylons which are in the path of the proposed East West Link and Panuku’s Transform Onehunga project.

In September, both politicians were invited to Taylor’s Bay in Hillsborough to be presented with the postcards but only Labour MP Michael Wood turned up to the presentation. 

The battle to underground the pylons is long-standing. As far back as 2013, two petitions, signed by 2,816 Onehunga and Hillsborough residents, were presented to Parliament’s Commerce Committee, by the then Mount Roskill Labour MP Phil Goff. Hearings took place, in April 2014, and May and June 2015, but in September 2015, the findings report stated, “We do not believe a Government inquiry could add much more value at this point.”









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