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When your roof is leaking so badly that you need to move a bath tub underneath it, you know it is time to get repairs underway. When you are a not-for-profit organisation, running on the smell of greasepaint and the sweat of volunteers, finding $43,000 for a new roof is, to put it mildly, a challenge.

Sarah Chong, office manager for the Dolphin Theatre at the time of the bath tub incident, was charged with the task of submitting a grant application to the Transpower Community Care Fund, to cover some of the costs of replacing the aging rehearsal hall roof and leaking green room roof. With a great deal of effort, and some ingenuity, she crafted an application which was, according to the Fundraising Industry of NZ’s Jim Datsun, “one of the best I’ve ever seen”.

Jim, who has a long history of involvement with the Dolphin Theatre, was at the recent FINZ awards ceremony in Queenstown. It fell to him to collect the award on Sarah’s behalf, as Sarah was unable to travel to the event. Her other major project for the year, a newborn daughter, took priority. 

President of the Dolphin Theatre, Jan Saussey, said at a high tea to celebrate the occasion occasion, “It is with great pride that the Dolphin Theatre announces that we have been awarded the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Award for the ‘Best Grants Seeking Programme’.   Transpower was so impressed with the application that they granted the full project cost of $43,700.”  

“Like so many charitable organisations,” she continued, “we simply could not survive without the help and support of generous funding from companies such as Transpower, for such major costs as roof repairs, building maintenance and equipment.  Winning this award not only acknowledges the hard work and dedication of Sarah Chong and her excellent efforts, the outstanding support of your company but of every single person that has been a part of our Dolphin Community.”
















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