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Sustainable coffee and craft


The Little Industry Café on Princes Street is a perfect blend of craft and the kitchen. Owner Koyal ?? believes that good things come from creating a sense of community – and her community thrives in a relaxing atmosphere where customers become regulars on the first visit.

Greeting by name the stream of people arriving for their morning coffee, second breakfast or early lunch, Koyal finds time to chat about business, busy days ahead and the exact fillings of the pies, while turning out a stream of designer coffee. As they wait, customers are surrounded by furniture from the 60’s, even older china and tableware, and brand new but vintage-styled crafts created by Koyal in her “down time”. 

In her spare time, Koyal is a fan of cycling, but not the two-wheeled variety. She loves recycling and upcycling, and her business reflects this in many ways. The cups and cutlery are made of biodegradable cornstarch, and will break down in a month. The café’s furnishings are an eclectic mix of second hand items no longer wanted by their original owners. Knitted and crocheted cushions provide splashes of colour – and are an on-going upcycling project.

There are plans to start up craft classes in the space beside the café, and Koyal is keen to hear from potential tutors as well and anyone who has ideas for a craft they would like to learn. Painting, jewellery making, knitting and upholstery are just some of the suggestions so far, and the first classes are planned for July.

Little Industry café, 47 Princes Street.














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