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Panuku looks for feedback


If you want to have input into the way Onehunga and its town centre is going to be developed and transformed, Panuku Development Auckland is looking for your feedback.

Panuku is the city’s regeneration agency; a council-controlled organisation, established in September 2015 as a result of the merger of Waterfront Auckland and Auckland Council Property Limited. Onehunga is one of four ‘transform’ locations throughout Auckland. In March 2017, Auckland Council approved its High Level Project Plan for the long-term transformation of Onehunga.

Collaborating closely with the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board, Panuku says, “Our focus will be on revitalising the town centre using a number of under-utilised and surplus sites to create a more attractive and concentrated core.”

Panuku has five “key moves for a “revitalised Onehunga”. It wants to retain the essential character of Onehunga; revitalise Onehunga’s “gritty industrial character”, recognising its important contribution to the economy; restore Onehunga’s waterfront and improve the quality of the coastal environment; reconnect the town centre and the waterfront; and respond with “progressive long-term solutions that are integrated with future transport and land-use plans.”

In May, Panuku held two information sessions for the public, to get feedback on their high level plans for Onehunga. Project development director, Gavin Peebles, said the redevelopment would be funded as much as possible by the sale of council-owned land in Onehunga. Panuku is also looking at  creating a Memorandum of Understanding with Housing New Zealand (HNZ), so they can align their plans with the housing agency; HNZ  have many current and planned developments throughout Onehunga.

Check out Panuku’s plans for Onehunga, by going to www.panuku.co.nz/onehunga.

Feedback on Panuku’s plans can be made until the 30th of June, via  Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board’s 2017 draft  Plan and short survey. Go to www.shapeauckland.co.nz 














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