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SWIDT rise to success


After the success from their first album, SWIDT VS Everybody, released back in May, Onehunga Hip-Hop collective artists SWIDT have had a whirlwind few months, recently scooping-up two nominations for the 2016 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. 

The six-man crew debuted on the red carpet at the VNZMA’s with style, wearing stand-out polynesian-printed short and shirt combos, giving the country a glimpse of their unique flair, which has attracted so much attention as of late. The rap-team consist of acclaimed producer and beat-maker SmokeyGotBeats (Isaiah Libeau), rappers SPYCC (Daniel Latu) and INF (Amon McGoram), hype-man Boomer Tha God (Asher Schwencke), and co-producers JAMAL (Jamal Muavae) and A.Z.A (Aaryn Orchard). 

312 has become a popular phrase in local social media circles - credit to SWIDT’s constant references in their tracks to the bus-route that travels through their beloved Onehunga. The friends have been working non-stop, fast-tracking to prominence on the music front, thanks to their large group of followers and supportive fans. They also give thanks to mentors Andy Murnane, Serra G, and local artists Askew & Olivia Laita, for their positive guidance along the way. 

Members SPYCC and INF missed out on the prestigious VNZMA Critics’ Choice Award, but were grateful for the recognition. SmokeyGotBeatz, was nominated for the coveted Best Urban/Hip Hop Album category - going up against heavyweight legends PNC and R&B soul-singer Aaradhna. 

Although the title was awarded to Aaradhna, she chose to respectfully pass it on to the SWIDT crew, as she felt they ’were more deserving’, and truly represented the category. During her speech, she referred to them as ‘the future of New Zealand Hip Hop’, a sentiment reinforced with cheers of approval from the audience and fellow musicians.

SPYCC is still in awe from the entire experience, especially meeting the great Aarahdna. He commented “It was dope to see our hard work being validated on such a platform. To attend the awards with my brothers, who have been with me since way before the music - it was cool.” The young entourage vow to keep themselves grounded, and put their friendships above all else. He added “We keep each other on point at all times, and will continue to give it 312% in whatever we do.”















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