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5 Pokémon Go Safety Tips from Safekids


Are the kids on the hunt for a Bulbasaurus, Charmeleon or (gasp!) Zygarde? Whatever Pokémon they are after, make sure they follow Safekids Aotearoa’s Pokémon Go hunting safety tips to make sure the kids are Pi-ka-chu (alright).   

1. Follow the rules. Remember that the Pokémon universe and ours are mashed together, and rules apply to reality and the app. If you are cycling to a Pokéstop or Pokémon gym for a battle, always wear a helmet. When crossing the road, use a zebra crossing and look out for cars. When the area is off limits or closed, do not enter it.

2. Hunt in a safe Pokémon habitat. We know it’s hard to ignore Pokémon that live around buildings, roads and train stations, however it’s safer to take the kids to public parks and beaches for a hunt.

3. Heads up, devices down when walking and crossing the road. Yes Pokémon can spawn anywhere and anytime—and if you’re not paying attention, an obstacle or a car may appear out of thin air too! Put the phone down and always be aware of the environment.

4. Be a good role model. Teach kids to respect others while they play Pokémon Go.

5. Adult supervision. You may not be able to tell the difference between a Blastoise and a Butterfree, but adults must still pay attention to children at play. Every child has a different understanding of risks, danger and road safety—most kids are unable to judge the speed and distance of oncoming cars.

For more pedestrian and road safety tips, visit www.safekids.nz 


About Safekids Aotearoa

Safekids Aotearoa is a service of Starship Child Health, established in the early 1990s by Starship Children’s Health Trauma Service to help reduce the high rates of preventable injury to children. Our mission: To reduce the incidence and severity of unintentional injuries to children aged 0 to 14 years. Our vision: That children in New Zealand are free to enjoy their childhood without being adversely affected by unintentional injuries.













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